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I am a man* and I need help

These centers won't deny your experience.

Helpline centers for men

Men's universal helpline - link
For male victims of domestic abuse - link
For "unpopular" victims of abuse (eg. men, LGBTQIA+, woman against women and so on) - link
For male victims of sexual violence - link
Russian language men's helpline - link

LGBTQIA+ helplines (all sexes and genders)

List of English helps centers - link
Russian center "Boys+" for LGBTQIA+ - link
Russian center for trans- and nonbinary-people - link

1 in 6 - link

At least one in six men has experienced some form of sexual violence. This site leads the campaign "1in6".

Fathers4Justice - link

Don't know about the movement myself (not a father), but seems legit.

Refusal to serve in army - look for local services in your country.

I want to learn more about masculism

Here you go. :)

MrArchivist - link

Overall great archive with a huge amount of research & articles that proves the oppression of a man or the privileges of a woman, but the site should be used with caution (!) as it may sometimes contain inaccurate researches and even misogynistic/misandrist and probably transphobic materials.

Big masculist library - link

Collection of books, articles and writings on men's rights, male discrimination, gay male oppression, male rape, and many other topics.

Pretty good web-pages

TheTinMenBlog - the very best!

Masculism+ - far-left group dedicated to the men's rights advocacy in Russian language. Sometimes controversial.

/MensRights/ and /LeftWingMaleAdvocates/ — subreddits. I don't know how pure they are, perhaps you can unfortunately find some incelism or etc.

The main problem - link

The key problem of men's rights is the so-called "male disposability". This pro-feminist article explains what it is and shows why it is the foundation for all male vulnerabilities. (Article will be opened in archive to get around the paywall.)

I want to contribute to masculism

You're hot as hell!

Click here: link